The popularity of security cameras have increased over the last decade. The increasing crime and theft around us made the installation of residential security systems a must. Surveillance cameras provide both homeowners and business owners with live and/or recorded video footage that lead to the incarceration of many criminals.

Security Camera Cabling

CCTVs now come in different shapes and sizes thanks to the advancement of technology. Most of them are already digital — capable of recording videos for longer periods. One advantage of digital surveillance cameras over analog ones is that they have eliminated the need for video tapes as a recording medium. The images and videos they record can be saved and edited in a computer. Wired and wireless security systems are also available in the market today. There are also Internet-ready ones that make monitoring homes and businesses a lot more convenient as they can be viewed from any location with a device connected to the web. CCTVs with motion-sensors are also gaining popularity. Capable of detecting movements, these surveillance cameras can start the video recording process even at the slightest movements and will notify you when movement has been detected.

Through the years, security surveillance camera systems have become more affordable. If you do not have a surveillance camera in your home or business, it is important that you install one ASAP. One of the major benefits of having a video surveillance system is safety. Just the sight of it discourages potential lawbreakers from getting near your property’s premises. A lot of intruders are wary of security cameras and are well aware that they can be easily be tracked by law enforcers if they ever get caught in one.

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