Last June 30, a suspicious white male estimated to be in his early 20s made off with a decorative replica pistol from the Pieces of Eight pirate cruise ship during its usual run along the Gulf of Mexico. Buccaneer Timothy Marin, the owner of the stolen gun, stashed the item on top of a treasure chest after using it as prop in the cruise’s show early in the day, but when Mr. Marin came back to get his gun at the end of the cruise, it was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, a security camera managed to catch the culprit in action, and the footage has given police officers the lead they need to eventually identify and locate the thief.

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Going back to the news, Mr. Marin claims that the stolen replica was worth around $100, but it was a gift from the parents of a close friend who passed away last year, thereby giving the pistol great sentimental value. For sure, your home, too, is full of mementos and irreplaceable treasures that mean a lot to you. If you want to add an extra layer of 24/7 defense at home to safeguard your cherished belongings, you can’t go wrong with installing security video cameras.

According to the news article, the same man caught on the video was spotted in a picture on the Facebook page of one of the guests in the cruise. While the latter denied knowing the alleged thief, this very fact represents a lead for investigators that may have never been brought to the surface if not for the surveillance video.

Mr. Marin might have lost a treasure, but he still has a chance of getting it back thanks to the leads that have shown up. Although investigators from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office haven’t identified the suspect at the time of the article’s publication, Mr. Marin remains hopeful.

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