Network cabling is a complicated thing. While telephone cables can sometimes tolerate quite a lot of error, data cabling is less forgiving.

Here are top four mistakes to avoid when you’re installing network cable.

  1. Not planning for the future. Suppose your organization is going to move to a new location and you need to install new cabling. Are you going to go with yesterday’s best cabling technology or are you going to install something that will meet today’s needs and your needs for the next few years? Remember, the labor is the most expensive part of your project. While top-of-the-line cable won’t be the least expensive option, you should consider reasonably high-end cable for your installation.
  2. Not using cable management. Adding cable management does add cost. But it also makes ongoing maintenance much, much easier. Bear in mind that the cabling work won’t stop with the initial installation. More cables will be added, and things will be changed. Make sure that you label appropriate cables, color-code cables, or implement some other kind of process to make it easier to identify cables later on.
  3. Not testing your cabling infrastructure. Once the cabling is installed, you should test every cable using appropriate tools to make sure that it will be suitable for its intended use. This includes verifying length and cable specifications matched to needs.
  4. Not following standards. There are standards in place for a reason. The cabling standards take into consideration just how the cables are twisted and placed in the jacket. If you deviate from those standards, you risk introducing noise and inefficiency into your cable plant that can have a negative impact on overall network performance.

Network Cabling Installation

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Whether you are adding to an existing system or creating a new one, our Network Installation Services in Tampa Bay Area will help you design state-of-the-art network infrastructure to support all your networking needs.