A growing business requires an office space that continuously meet its needs on a safe and cost-effective manner. If your building is 40 years or older, your office electrical system may not be strong enough for the electricity demands of modern day businesses. Incorrect or outdated wiring can pose severe safety hazards to you and your employees. It can even end up costing you more because of unnecessary charges to your electricity bill. As a result, it may need to be replaced.

Office Rewiring

A total rewire is a big job and a big investment. But it is an investment that brings with it tons of benefits such as:

  1. A relaxed office environment – A well lit environment is conducive to good performance. New wiring can also be planned to meet the needs of your staff in an intuitive way during their working day. This could be as simple as enough power points in the conference room to allow everyone to stay connected, to regularly spaced power outputs allowing the cleaning staff can complete their jobs easily.
  2. A tech-ready presentation room – Rewiring your office gives provision for computer cabling services, as well. In addition to high-speed internet coverage, you can have your meeting rooms arranged with large wall-mounted monitors for the opportunity to give presentations. Computer network cabling professionals go the extra mile by concealing AV and HDMI cables to look and work seamlessly while easily connecting laptops and webcams in the network.
  3. A safe workspace – Buildings from the 60’s and 70’s used aluminum wiring which poses a potential fire hazard due to the connection and termination points that become loose over the years. If your office space uses aluminum wiring, you have two options. One is aluminum rejuvenation, it costs less and involves replacing receptacles, switches, and connectors in the office with ones that have aluminum ratings, and treating the other connectors with an antioxidant. By far the better option, and the one which will save you in the long run, is to rewire your office with modern copper wire throughout. Although, this will cost more and involve more work initially, once it’s done you’re future proofed and any maintenance costs will be minimal.

It takes careful planning and consideration to ensure that the wiring in your office space is done properly. If you are building, renovating or remodeling your office space, don’t put you and your employees at risk. Hire a professional! It’s worth it in the long run as it can save you financially and bring peace of mind.